BC's Sunshine Coast is rural, and black bear sightings are commonplace. Regardless of whether we live in a bear territory or they live in ours, here are some bear aware tips to keep us both safe. 

Don't feed bears as this can lead to the animal being captured and destroyed. Have bear-proof garbage storage and only put out your bins the morning of pick-up day. Don't be that person doing the walk of shame at 7:30 in the morning! If you compost, please use bear-proof composting bins. If you have fruit trees, pick fruit as it ripens and clean up any fallen fruit. Bears are extremely lazy, and like many humans, all they want to do is lay on the couch and eat! Do your best not to surprise or scare a bear. Talk loudly or make noise while walking in the forest. A bear doesn't want to encounter you any more than you want to meet it. If you see cubs, expect mom to be nearby, but stay calm, back up slowly, and leave the area. 

I'm Tara Sullivan, your Sunshine Coast Realtor - stay safe and have fun out there!