12 Tips For An Easier Move to the Sunshine Coast, BC

As exciting as moving into a new home is, few people look forward to the actual moving day. Moving is stressful whether you are moving from Halfmoon Bay to Sechelt or across Canada. Here are some helpful hints from expert movers to make the big day more bearable.

1. Schedule your move well ahead of time. Moving companies get booked weeks in advance, so don't wait until the last minute to schedule your move. Also, ensure they know if you have large or heavy items to move. The last thing you want is a truck that isn't big enough or without enough people to move your belongings safely.

2. Consider letting the moving company pack your items. If it's within your budget to hire packers, it may be money well spent. Packers are usually efficient and take time to wrap fragile items securely. In addition, packers will pack you the day before your move, so you don't have to pack things away until the day of your move.

3. Schedule services. Don't forget to have services transferred or started at your new home. These may include: 
Lawn service 
Pool Service 
Security system monitoring.

4. Have your new home professionally cleaned. If your seller is not arranging for cleaning to be done before closing, arrange to have it done before you move in so that you won't arrive at a dirty house.

5. Pack a moving supply box. Your moving supply box should contain items you may need while you are unpacking and getting settled in your new home, such as: 
Toilet paper 
Paper towels 
All-purpose cleaner and glass cleaner 
Furniture moving pads 
Tape measure 
Cordless screwdriver 
Picture hanging kit 
Bottled water, snacks, pet food 
Paper plates, cups, and disposable utensils 
Dish Soap and Hand Soap
6. Make Your Bed. When your bed frames and mattresses come off the truck, put them together or have the movers put them together and make them up. Pack your sheets, blankets, and pillows together in well-marked boxes so you can find them easily. Then, when you are ready to collapse at the end of moving day, you'll be thankful the beds are made up and ready to fall into—ditto for your towels and bath soap. Pack bath towels and soap with your bedsheets to jump in the shower before retiring without having to search for towels.

7. Make Plans for Your pets. On moving day, the last thing you need is a stressed-out pup or kitty, or worse, one that escapes into an unfamiliar neighbourhood. So make plans for your pets to spend the day with family or friends, a pet sitter, or a boarding facility until you are ready to introduce them to their new home.

8. Say Yes to Helpers. Sometimes it's hard to accept extra help from family or friends if you aren't sure what they can help with; here are some tasks you can delegate: 
Unpack and put away your kitchen items (you can rearrange them later!) 
Babysit or keep your children occupied. Make up your beds, and place towels in the bathrooms. 
Wipe down cabinets and counters 
Break down packing boxes 
Hang clothes in closets 
Organize tools and equipment in the garage 
Pick up lunch or dinner

9. Hire a Sitter. If you have little ones, they will be very excited about their new home, new rooms, and yard. They will want to be with you but will not be interested in unpacking boxes! Make plans for someone to be available just for them so you can concentrate. A family member, friend or hired sitter can help them explore their new surroundings, build a box fort, or organize their toys in their new rooms without you worrying about where they are.

10. Hire someone to hang your art. Unless you love to hang things yourself, you might consider having a handyman scheduled to come in and hand your wall art and window treatments for you. This can save you a great deal of time getting settled. However, a decorator may be better than a handyman if you need help deciding where to hang art or portraits. They can help you decide the placement and hang items themselves or direct a handyperson where to hang things.

11. Check out of the old house. Before closing, you should have submitted a change of address form with the post office. You'll also need to remember to leave all keys and garage door or gate openers and ensure the movers don't pack up things like ceiling fan remote controls or other loose items that stay with the house. 

12. Finally, don't forget to clean out spaces like the attic, backyard sheds, crawl spaces, or any other hideaway spaces you might have stored items. It's always nice to have the home professionally cleaned for the new owners, and if you feel inclined, leave a list of recommended local vendors for household services.